Sports in America: baseball

Baseball is one of the America’s favorite sports together with football and basketball. For Europeans, the game doesn’t look pretty much actionable, but Americans love it: it is probably the most American game at all.

We’ve got great chance to see live famous New York Yankees hosted by Tampa Bay Rays at Tropicana Park stadium in St Petersburg. Expecting to see a lot of movement around the stadium (based on our previous experience at Fenway Park in Boston), we were a bit dissapointed: around the stadium you have nothing but the parking. It is indeed very clear: who wants to stay outside at 35C heat if you can enjoy fully roof covered and air conditioned stadium.

We came in with a groups of local supporters wearing light blue Rays sweaters and T-shirts. Yankees had lots of supporters there as well, which is absolutely expectable – it is the most popular baseball team in the US.

Baseball live is not about seeing every detail of the game. It’s about consuming. Consuming food in endless chain restaurants, consuming beverages, sweets and (very pricy) alcohol, consuming branded souvenirs and so on. Excuse me all true American baseball fans, but in eyes of a European guy, baseball stadium inside looks like a big mall.

At the stadium the atmosphere is way better. It is not comparable with European soccer, but the game lasts 4 to 5 hours and we cannot expect people supporting their team all time long. Especially if the hands are busy with 1l coke and a plate with nachos.

Anyway, there are some no-miss moments at the game you will definitely like. First, it’s a national anthem singing at the beginning of the game. It’s impressing, try to not miss it. Second, there are video breaks picking different supporters showing them dancing at the stadium. It’s indeed a lot of fun snd you cannot see it somewhere else. Third, it’s a call to support local team at the end of the game or at the important game pieces where you can see the stadium can come alive and become very loud.

Tropicana Baseball Stadium in St Petersburg
A stadium or a mall?

All other time, people play with their kids, surf on Facebook or order another meal, but not watching the game in a concentrated manner. If you’re really interested in the details of the game – go to a sports bar and enjoy live broadcasting capturing every game’s detail.

Drink of the day:

Fetzer Quarz white wine from California ($8). Usually, you could enjoy beer, and not only Bud light or Miller. We’ve seen lots of premium beer sorts like Samuel Adams, Goose Island, Blue Moon or even Murphy’s Red. However, paying $10 for a 0,35l of draught beer is too much, even for true beer lovers. This is why, go for wine, especially in such fancy glasses as they have at Tropicana Park.

Wine Fetzer Quartz in plastic ready-to-use glasses
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