Seaside spirit of St Pete

St Petersburg is probably the most well known city at the West Coast of Florida. It takes only 2 hours drive from Orlando and you can already experience a true seaside spirit.

Called St Pete by locals, the city stands on the 8 mi wide peninsula between Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. At the Tampa Bay coast, parks and 2 mi long promenade add to St Pete the flavour of the real sea resort with yachts parked at the harbour, few park areas and a long pier famous by its Pelican station.

The Pier is indeed a must see spot here. If you want to feel the spirit of St Pete, come over here where you find few fishermen trying their luck (pretty successful, even within 20 minutes of our stay there they caught 3 or 4 fishes), seagulls flying over fishermen hoping to steal some small fish from them and the trade mark of the Pier – few big pelicans sitting on the pier and waiting for people throwing them some small fish.

St Petersburg Pier
Pelicans at the St Petersburg Pier


Feeding pelicans

I’ve never seen the real pelicans in the real nature and was impressed. Ask local fishermen to feed pelicans to make some unforgettable pictures. Or to have some small fishes to feed them on your own. One thing to take care about: watch out your fingers – pelicans look a bit relax and even slow, but they can bite very fast and their long beak can easily cut your hand.

After enjoying the views of the bay, afford a good seafood experience at the Ceviche restaurant at the beginning of the Central Ave. We took a salad with the salmon and seafood ($15) and can only recommend it.

Drink of the day:

Dirty Bird, an empowering martini glass cocktail based on espresso ($9).

Dirty bird espresso martini cocktail, just amazing!
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