New York liquor shops: Vintner Wine Market

Nowhere usual liquor shops can be so unusual as in New York City. Many of them are not just about purchasing liquors for your home party, but about experiencing the greatest variety of local and international spirits, beers and wines. The choice is indeed amazing: instead of going to the big mall out of the city, visit few of New York liquor shops and feel how your eyes can’t stop running thru shelves with beers, spirits and other drinks.

One of such liquor shops is Vintner Wine Market in West Midtown, Manhattan, located on 9th ave. between W46th and 47th streets. On a one of early November days, when our trip to New York City seemed to be almost over, we just wanted to have some thank-you-and-good-bye drink to say good bye to the beautiful city and our friends, who stayed exploring it for another week. Vintner Wine Market attracted our attention with its cozy space, delicious sandwiches and few fridges full of authentic beer.

The bar at Vintner is a bit hidden
…but the choice of beers magnetizing. Start slow :)

The store is indeed very cozy: there are 2-3 little tables for 8 people max., but we felt very convenient from the first step making the whole store full. The service is very laid back but still friendly: anyway, you don’t go to liquor shops due to the service, but drinks. And with drinks, the guys did not have any problems: few fridges full of crafted beer, several meters of wine and liquor shelf. Appetizers include a selection of different antipasti mostly suiting to wine: Italian and French cheese, sausages, olives, pickles and freshly baked bread. All in all, it is a great alternative to the posh wine bars to enjoy bottle of wine snacking fresh antipasti and watching people passing over 9th avenue.

You can buy all alcohol as take-away, but if you want to drink it there, you’ll pay cork fee of $2-3 per bottle depending on its size.

You get specials menu distributed on the tables
There are mostly local beers on specials menu

Tip for beer lovers: there are also some local beers on tap available at the bar. It is not too obvious because yor are getting magnetized by beer fridges at the entry doors, but you can see it listed on one of drinks menus distributed on the tables or ask the bartender for local beers on tap. In this way, we experience the best beer we tasted on Manhattan during this trip.

Drink of the day

Ask if there’s Southern Tier Pumpkin Ale ($6) available on tap, it is local beer from Southern Tier brewery, Lakewood, New York, a little town in 370 miles away from New York City. It was by far the most tasteful beer we’ve experienced in New York City in November 2013. If you are looking for some classics, we recommend 0,7l Delirium Tremens, the Belgium beer in a white bottle with pink elephants. This craft beer once has been announced as the best beer in the world.

Southern Tier Pumpkin, the best beer in NYC in the fall 2013

Vintner Wine Market, 671 9th Ave New York, NY 10036. Phone: 212-957-7500.
Twitter: @VintnerNY. Website is here.

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