Urban bar in Luxembourg

You came to Luxembourg, enjoyed little narrow streets of the Old Town, breathtaking views of Pont Adolphe and beautiful cityhall and now need to refresh yourself? Is so, go to Urban, one of the best bars in the old town from my point of view.

From one point of view, Urban is just another classic corner pub serving pub food and offering typical 5 tap line of british and local beer. But actually, Urban is a bit more.


First, you have few but delicious food specials. No need to take a normal burger, go for example for a Falafel Pita for more taste experience. Second, it’s not only beer place, they have a very solid selection of local wines from the Mosel region. Lastly, the place is just vibrant, especially in the evening and night time, fully crowded by 25-30 years young people warming up before having a long night ahead.


When to visit: 

for a lunch with beer in the early afternoon or as a starting place before a night out.

Drink of the day:

Urban is not the best one to experience local Luxemborg drinks. This is why go for good old Strongbow Cider (5 euro) in the afternoon, for local wines (4-6 euro) in the evening and for longdrink cocktails (9-10 euro) in the nighttime.

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