The most northern brewery in Germany

The most northern big city in Germany is Flensburg, located only few kilometers away from the Danish border. Apart from it’s location, Flensburg is famous because of its past: it was a significant harbour and trade port few centuries ago, which made the city pretty rich and flourishing at those times. The only fact Flensburg is famous about today is the Flensburger Brewery that offers several solid lagers available across Germany: Pils, Hells or Gold.

Once visiting Flensburg, we had been a bit puzzled: initially aiming to visit Flensburger Brewery, we’d found out that there is another brewery in the city, much less known (which meant to us much more authentic). Being under a time pressure, we could visit only one establishment at that day, so our choice was not easy, but at the end we decided to explore the Hansen Brewery, located several meters away from the historical Harbour of Flensburg.

I must admit that we never regret with the choice: first, we like authentic establishments most people don’t know; second, Flensburger beer is available anywhere in Germany, but freshly brewed Hansen beer is possible to get only in Flensburg; third, and the most interesting, already inside we’ve found out it has been the northernmost brewery in whole Germany. Enjoying a beer in the most northern city of the country and in its most northern brewery – what could be more interesting?

Hansen Brauerei, Flensburg

Hansens Brauerei - the northest one in Germany
Hansens Brauerei – the northest one in Germany
Hansens Brauerei Interior
Hansens Brauerei Interior

In fact, the brewery consists of a relative small brewing area with brewing bowls and a spacious beer restaurant where you can enjoy some traditional dishes from the northern German cuisine. The brewery is pretty young: once founded in 1990, it had been moved into the current building at the historical harbour in 2000. The building itself has also its own drinking background: it used to be the first rum house in Flensburg where merchants kept and bottled freshly purchased rum arriving from the sea. Today the building is a historic monument, but it does not only serves as a museum to its past, but still keeps its drinking spirit obtained for centuries.

Drink of the Day

Hansens Dark Beer
Hansens Dark Beer

Hansens Alt, the locally brewed dark beer, is an absolute must have. If you have few hours time in Flensburg, I would definitely recommend you to taste all three sorts available: Alt, Märzen and Hell. If you still have some time left, go to any other bar in Flensburg and get some Flensburger to compare with Hansens, just to know on which side you are.

Hansens Brauerei
Schiffbrücke 16,24939 Flensburg, Germany
Website is here

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