Best Pub in Luxembourg

Luxembourg nightlife can be very diverse: posh clubs, student parties and glamorous bars in the old town make the night full of unexpected choices and fun. However, sometimes we just need a good old pub feeling, warm place with camin fire, good choice of beer and laid back people around.

Good old British pub in the very heart of Luxembourg

For that feeling, we suggest visiting the best pub in the town: Scott’s Pub. It doesn’t matter, are you looking for a first anti hangover pint of cider in the morning, or few more pints of stout in the nighttime, you are always welcome at this pub. Wooden bar furniture, camin fire and leather sofas help you forget that you are in the heart of the continent, and you start your journey to Britain from the first step in the door.

Scotts Pub Luxembourg
Scotts Pub Luxembourg

The choice of beer is pretty rich for Luxembourg: you have a local Diekirch pils, German Franziskaner and Löwenbräu, Belgian Leffe and Hoegaarden and of course Guinness. Take a seat at the leather couch on your right, order a first pint, and enjoy. It’s indeed the best pub atmosphere in the city.


Drinks of the day:

We started the day with a pint of Strongbow (6 euro), and that was amazing. However, go for Leffe if you are up to something more craft in the evening.

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