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Key West is the southernmost city of the continental US. People even call it the capital of the Conch Republic: locals do it with proud, outlanders say this ironically. Truth is that the town looks very unlike a typical American city. Many walking streets, many people (and also cocks with hens) are walking around, everything is reachable afoot. Caribbean atmosphere meets American culture, and this makes Key West a very special place worth to visit.

Sloppy Joe's Bar, Key West
Sloppy Joe’s Bar, Key West

Starting in late 1920s, Ernest Hemingway who had just moved to Key West for a first time, spent many hours with his friends at fishing in Caribbean sea, hunting, and of course deeply “socializing” at the Sloppy Joe’s Bar. At that time the bar had been called Old Havana, but people started call it At Sloppy Joe’s due to Joe Russel, a “sloppy” fellow of Hemingway who ran the tavern at that time. Now the name has been changed, the bar also changed his location and moved from 428 Greene St to the heart of Key West, Duval St at the corner of Greene St. And it also became the most famous bar in Key West. Hemingway is by far the most famous person lived in this city. And the bar he spent hours at just could not lose such a chance to attract more people.

Most famous bar in Key West
Most famous bar in Key West
Live music at Sloppy Joe's
Live music at Sloppy Joe’s

Now the bar is a bit a tourist trap. They sell some souvenirs, many Sloppy Joe’s t-shirts and other stuff. However, I still recommend you to visit this spot because of few reasons: there is still very good atmosphere with live music and many people celebrating, they have a big bar menu, solid choice of beers including some seasonal flavours and again, this is the bar Hemingway drunk at.

And remember: you probably cannot write like Hemingway, but at least you can drink like him.

Drinks menu at Sloppy Joe's

Drink of the day: Torpedo by Sierra Nevada beer ($6)

Solid crafted American beer, a bit stronger than usual IPA. You can drink one or two of them, but I would not recommend to go beyond. If you cannot choose, ask the bartender to give you a local seasonal one if they have any. Drink a beer, enjoy live music and go exploring the city further on. Because Key West can offer you many more great places to drink.

Drinks at Sloppy Joe's
Drinks at Sloppy Joe’s

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