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One of the best things I like in Germans is the fact that they respect their traditions and try to keep them. This is why, despite globalization, the trend of spending time at huge faceless shopping malls in Germany never had a chance to get big: people still prefer to go shopping and dining like many years before, in local convenience stores or local markets.

Spacious market halls Arminius MarkthalleSpacious market halls

Asian food restaurants in the Arminius Markthalle Hanoi Market
Asian food restaurants in the Arminius Markthalle

Arminius Markthalle (market hall) is one of 14 market halls constructed in Berlin the end of the XIX Century, in the time when the governance of the city tried to organize chaotic street trade and gave traders specific area where they could do their business. However, few years after being built, some of these markets couldn’t reach the planned success: the rent rose up year after year and in 1920-40s Germany experienced well-known economic and political shocks, which negatively affected local trade. Most of the market closed, some of them were destroyed during the World War II, and by the mid of the XX Century, only few of initially built 14 markets in Berlin were operating.

Arminius Markthalle in Moabit
Arminius Markthalle in Moabit

Today, four of those markets are back on track again: Markthalle IX in Kreuzberg as well as Markthalle at Bergmannstraße in Neukölln are famous for giving the scene to local manufacturers and merchants. Markthalle VI (or Ackerhalle) at Invalidenstraße is occupied by the Rewe supermarket and the most authentic one – Arminius Markthalle in Moabit – is working as a market hall as many years ago. 

After being rebuild and reopened in 2010, Arminius Markthalle (also being called Moabiter Halle or Zunfthalle) today represents Berlin’s authenticity and local spirit of West Berlin. You can barely see some strangers or tourists among visitors: most of them are locals living in Moabit and surroundings. People come here not only for grocery shopping (although vegetables, fish and cheese shops are highly recommended), but also to have a lunch during the week or late brunch on Saturday.

Just to relax: cafe sofa in the Arminius Markthalle
Just to relax: cafe sofa in the Arminius Markthalle

One of highlights of the market is the café area in the back of the market, Rows 8 and 9. There, in the middle of the busy market, some elements like red carpets, old-fashion furniture, home plants, candle lights and a long wooden dining table create an atmosphere of a very cozy and familiar living room of your friends where you can relax, get your coffee or wine and forget about the world around.

For wine lovers: there is an amazing wine shop at Row 9 with great selection of wines from Germany and other European countries.

03-Wine Market Arminius Halle
Wine market with a great wine selection & competent consultancy

Drink of the Day

Few years ago one local brewery called Brewbaker entered Arminius Markthalle and brewed craft beer directly in front of their customers. Today the brewery has moved in a separate building few blocks away, but the craft beer bar remained staying in the Markthalle, on its Western side. They offer several made-in-Berlin craft beers, but we recommend you to taste Brewbaker – their Red Lager can definitely make your day.  

Brew Baker Red Ale - made in moabit
Brew Baker Red Lager: made in Moabit
Brew Baker: Craft beer from Moabit
Craft beer from Moabit

Arminiusmarkthalle (Moabiter Halle) | Arminiusstr.2-4, 10551 Berlin (U: Turmstrasse).
Mo-Fr: 7.30am-7pm; Sat 7.30am-4pm
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