Frankfurt festivals: Fressgassfest


Frankfurt has a great tradition: every summer many city streets and areas invite you for local street festivals. Streets are being blocked from both ends and various food and drink stands pop-up for a short time. All this is being accompanied by local DJs or live music.

Fressgass Fest is one of the most popular summer events in the city usually taking place early June. It is the most central festival located in the very heart of the city between Alte Oper (Old Opera) and Hauptwache on the walking street called Fressgass. Great location as well as good choice of wines make this festival very special. Apart from this, it is a great chance to experience top end of the Frankfurt society: bankers, lawyers, investors, politicians and young professionals are getting together after work to eat and drink and have fun. The atmosphere is quite relaxed, but don’t expect to make lots of new connections if you come alone: it’s about coming with friends, friends of friends and so on.


My colleagues and me used to visit the festival at least twice a week, and the best thing of it if you live in Frankfurt – you’ll always meet people you know there. In other words, if you have to drink a glass of wine with every of your friends you’ll meet there accidentally, it’ll be a very funny night for you.

Why to go:
– experience locals in a nice atmosphere;
– enjoy great selection of food and drinks;
– enjoy first days of summer;

Drink of the day:

Local wines are a bit pricy (5-6 eur per glass), but still is the main drink of the event. However, for beer lovers there are few local German brands available (from Binding to Kölsch, 4 euro per pint), although, if you are a real Frankfurter you go for apfelwine (the local apple cider).

Kölsch beer stand
Map Location

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