Florida Beaches: Bahia Honda

Most of Florida beaches are pretty similar: long line of the pure white sand, few umbrellas and sunbeds, volleyball pitch and tall block buildings along the seaside. Additionally, tall hotel buildings along the seaside do not add authenticity to most of the beaches.

Things change when you come to Florida Keys. On the way from Marathon to Key West you will pass a little group of islands called Bahia Honda. If you are looking for an incredible beach experience, a short stop here is highly recommended.

You have to enter Bahia Honda National Park (admission $4.50 per person), and follow the main road down to the parking lots. You will have an access to the 2 beaches: a longer beach at your left and a small but cozy one at the right. We’ve visited both of them and can recommend the right one located between two bridges: the old one broken at the middle and the new one.

Bahia Honda, view on the Route nr. 1

This beach is almost inhabitant, we’d seen max. 15 people apart from us. Take the place on the thin line of the sand between the sea and grass area in the shadow of the palms, take your cooling box, portable stereo and relax. If you like snorkelling, swim closer to the old bridge on your left – the closer you come, the more sea life you can experience.

Sunset at Bahia Honda Beach

The best time to come here is afternoon: enjoy unforgettable sunset seeing the sun going down between two bridges.


Drink of the trip: Key West Sunset Ale.
As most beaches in Florida, you won’t find any vending facilities except refreshment machines. For this reason, just go to the nearest gas station and buy drinks in advance. We recommend Key West Sunset Ale ($8.99-9.99 for a six pack). First, it is local, second, it is a sunset special, and last but not least, it has a great summer taste mixed with the classic ale flavour. No doubt, go for it and enjoy an incredible sunset at the Bahia Honda Beach.


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