Cycling around Frankfurt

Waking up on sunny Sunday morning, I couldn’t have a better idea than going cycling in surroundings of Frankfurt. Finally, summer came to Germany!

My route was starting in Frankfurt Bockenheim and going through the Nidda park to the river of Nidda. From there on, 15km along the river to the Bad Vibel. The road was perfectly flat and very picturous: was difficult not to stop after each several hundreds of meters and not to make some pictures.

Nidda park, Frankfurt


Nidda river

Nevertheless, the way brought me to the town of Bad Vibel. If you’ve never heard that name – relax, you haven’t missed a lot. An old town hall and an ancient castle, they are beautiful, but that was literally it.

It was not easy to find some nice breakfast location, but at the end I’ve thrown the anchor at the Phil Bell, cozy café on the main shopping street.

Flammkuchen and amber Hövels beer were exactly the right pieces to feed my body after 15km cycling. Although the service was a bit village-wise slow, I enjoyed my breakfast and sunbathing outside waiting for a bill.

Old town hall, Bad Vibel
Old castle in Bad Vibel
Hövels amber beer served in the Binding glass

All in all, can only recommend Nidda river cycling tours: great infrastructure, beautiful landscapes and sometimes pretty good locations in the cities around.

Nidda river: on google maps
Phil Bell: on foursquare

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