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3 days across Denmark: Aarhus & Vejle

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Aboulevarden canal in Aarhus city center

Starting our travel in Flensburg, a German-Danish border city on the German side, we moved to the north: our goal was to reach Aarhus by the end of the day which is about 200km

3 days across Denmark: Flensburg

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Historic Harbour in Flensburg

While reading the story subject, you could get frustrated: Flensburg? Is this city located in Denmark? Well, for sure, no, at least nowadays (although in its past it was longer the part Denmark than Germany). But

Florida Beaches: Bahia Honda

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Sunset at Bahia Honda beach

Most of Florida beaches are pretty similar: long line of the pure white sand, few umbrellas and sunbeds, volleyball pitch and tall block buildings along the seaside. Additionally, tall hotel buildings along the seaside