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3 days across Denmark: Aarhus & Vejle

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Aboulevarden canal in Aarhus city center

Starting our travel in Flensburg, a German-Danish border city on the German side, we moved to the north: our goal was to reach Aarhus by the end of the day which is about 200km

3 days across Denmark: Flensburg

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Historic Harbour in Flensburg

While reading the story subject, you could get frustrated: Flensburg? Is this city located in Denmark? Well, for sure, no, at least nowadays (although in its past it was longer the part Denmark than Germany). But

Our 10 best cities in 2015

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Top10 Cities visited in 2015

Isn’t it a great feeling to come somewhere for the first time, explore the new city and get surprised? This is why every year we try to visit as many new cities as possible. When

Beerlin calling: most popular beer brands

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The Berliner Beers in comparison

One thing I like about Germany: whenever you go, you don’t see the pubs full of international beer brands. Germans drink a lot of beer, but many of them have never tried Heineken, Stella

Florida Beaches: Bahia Honda

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Sunset at Bahia Honda beach

Most of Florida beaches are pretty similar: long line of the pure white sand, few umbrellas and sunbeds, volleyball pitch and tall block buildings along the seaside. Additionally, tall hotel buildings along the seaside

Frankfurt festivals: Fressgassfest

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Frankfurt has a great tradition: every summer many city streets and areas invite you for local street festivals. Streets are being blocked from both ends and various food and drink stands pop-up for a

Cycling around Frankfurt

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Waking up on sunny Sunday morning, I couldn’t have a better idea than going cycling in surroundings of Frankfurt. Finally, summer came to Germany! My route was starting in Frankfurt Bockenheim and going through the